【Level Up My English!】
Share your opinion in English!

第3回は「Share your opinion in English! ~英語で意見を伝えよう~」です。





①I believe that ~ because ~. 

 意 味   ~だと思います。なぜなら~。


I believe that traveling abroad for a school trip is a good idea because it may be the only time students have the chance to go to another country.




②I will give an example. / For example,

 意 味   例えば


For example, many of my friends want to work in a hospital. They will have very busy schedules in the future, and they likely won’t have enough time to travel abroad.




③Also, / Furthermore, / Moreover, 

 意 味   Also, (また)、Furthermore, / Moreover, (さらに)

Moreover, even if my classmates have time to travel as adults, their schedules will not match with their friends. During high school, we can all enjoy the trip together as a group. Most people don’t want to travel alone.




④You said ~, but I don’t agree because ~. 

 意 味   あなたは~と言ったけど、私は反対です。なぜなら~。


You said it’s cheaper for students to travel within Japan, but I don’t agree because it’s not always true. For example, it’s expensive to use the bullet train or take a plane to Okinawa. Some nearby countries, such as South Korea, are actually cheaper to visit than places in Japan.


・bullet train(名詞):新幹線


それでは、see you next time!